Friday, April 30, 2010

Free, Free Time

I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.... For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free. ~Wendell Berry, "The Peace of Wild Things"

I love the show Rules of Engagement. But only this season; I don't think I've liked it until this season. It's one of those shows that for whatever reason the network doesn't want to cancel completely so they just put it on hiatus and then move time slots every season. I thought it just wouldn't die and was irritated when it came back on in place of Accidentally on Purpose on Monday nights. Well, one night I was desperate I decided to watch it and I have been hooked on this season. I love Russell's assistant that they've brought on this season - hysterical.

Anyway, I want to specifically pinpoint{did that just make me sound like a college professor beginning a talk on the anatomy of a something nobody cares about?} the episode from two Mondays ago - Free Free Time. I've embedded the video here if you haven't seen it.

As you know I moved back in with my parents a couple of years ago - it will actually be two years on June 1st - and I identify a little too much with this episode. In it, Audrey's girls' night is cancelled so Jeff is upset he doesn't get free free time. Meaning, because she isn't already going out, if he wanted some free time it would be something he would have to ask her for and he didn't want to feel like he owed her. Totally wonky concept for a marriage if you ask me, but whatev.

Anyway, I didn't realize how much I identified with the episode until yesterday. See, when I moved back in, my mom - and I love her more than anything - has thought that I would want to spend every second I'm at home downstairs with her or with the whole family, etc. Not that I don't love to spend time with my family because I do, but there is no part of me what wants to be with them every waking moment. Especially since as I've gotten older I have liked my alone time more and more. So, Evan had a program at school yesterday night and since he was just in the chorus and didn't really want to be there, I decided I wouldn't go. I was not about to sit though a 2 hour program just to watch him sing against his will for 5 minutes. So, I went shopping, got takeout and just enjoyed my free time. My free free time! Because when I tell my mom I'm not coming downstairs or I don't want to watch a show with her, I feel badly for saying that and usually end up doing it anyway. Which is not to say I totally mind because I would do anything for her, but to have free free time was fabulous.

And possibly a little sad that I just did an entire post on how I identify with a completely fictional character.

Happy Friday!


  1. I can so identify with this even though I don't get it with a husband always gone and two children. I crave alone time and it is always so nice when you get it unexpectedly. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. I think all of us crave alone time at one point. A few weekends ago Brian took Ellie on a little outing and I just enjoyed the peace and quiet doing what I do :) XOXO

  3. I so get this! I love when I get a little time to myself to catch up on trashy reality t.v. or garden, or whatever I want. Free time is definitely a good thing! :)


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