About Whitney

I'm Whitney. If you know me, chances are you know me as "That Girl." Those were fun times, weren't they?

When I made the decision to get back into blogging I tried my hardest to come up with a funny/cute/interesting/unique title for my blog, but when it comes down to it I'm just Whitney.

For a large portion of my life, I thought the way people saw me or how I filled out an "about me" box defined who I was as a person. Thankfully, I've now learned that nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm actually a lot of things, more than I could ever try and tell you in a couple of sentences, but here are some basics: I'm a girl in my twenties(really on the downhill side to 30 but let's not get the tears me started), I'm single and I'm saved by the grace of God. I love and have a passion for my family & friends, Ida Claire(my pug), fashion, home decor, cooking, reality television, magazines, bargains, Rt 44 Diet Cherry Limeades, makeup and Chik Fil A.

You can find me on Twitter here.

(Something "that girl" had to stay, right?)