Friday, May 14, 2010

Y'all Should Be Aware That I'm Typing This Post Whilst Half Asleep

Yesterday - Thursday, May 13, 2010 - will hereby be known as the longest day ever.

First, I went on a field trip with Evan's class, which you should know is a 7th grade class, to Shiloh. Y'all should know I'm a humongous history buff. I've always been fascinated with wars, the days of the pioneers, etc. Not that I could ever live like that - because I couldn't; not in a million years. I must have proclaimed at least 5,000 times yesterday how thankful I was for air conditioning. The reason? We took the walking tour which was approximately 3 hours long in somewhere around 9000% humidity. Ticks were everywhere and I just knew I was going to be hospitalized with Lyme disease before we arrived back in Memphis, which is strange since I was one of the only ones who had nary a tick on them.

I did take pictures on his field trip, but they were mostly of the battlegrounds and whatnot and I was going to upload them except for that as I type this it's Thursday night and I'm in my bed and I fear that getting up and retrieving my camera cord from my desk drawer would surely cause my legs to just go ahead and fall off. So, click the link above and I'm sure you'll find much better pictures than I took anyway.

So, we left for Shiloh at 8am yesterday and got back around 5:20 which was exactly 40 minutes before we had to be at Ellendale Baptist for Tim Hawkins. Oh. My. Word. This man is hysterical!! I had seen him on television a couple of times and Evan is constantly playing his videos on YouTube, so when we heard that he was coming to Memphis, we were all in. One of Evan's best friends actually got him a ticket for his birthday so all my mom and I had to do was get ours and we were good to go! He was so funny! He performed for about 90 minutes and I swear it felt like 5. If he ever comes to your city - regardless of your religious persuasion - you absolutely must {MUST!} see him!

So, basically we were on the movie for over 14 hours yesterday. It was fun, but I am tired today. So tired. But it's a fun tired - and isn't that the best kind anyway?

In other news, this is my last free weekend for a LONG TIME so I plan on enjoying it to the fullest! Have y'all got plans?


  1. That is a long day, but I bet the trip to Shiloh was so cool! I love stuff like that but we don't really have anything like that here. I would love to go to Gettysburg one day. It's so funny - I love history, but despised it when I was in school. If I could go back in time I would definitely pay more attention than I did back in the day! :) Have a good weekend!

  2. That's how I feel about this weekend. We went to a Rays game and Disney. I'm exhausted...but a good kind of exhausted!


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